Travel guide and magazine publisher Time Out has launched a new multi-city app after teaming up with London-based software developer ThoughtWorks.

Before this month, mobile users had to download a different app for each city they visited in order to obtain information on a cities’ entertainment, hotspots and attractions. Cities covered within the new app include Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York and Paris. 

Time Out is said to have selected ThoughtWorks as the application developer because of the company’s vigorous use of agile software development methodologies.

ThoughtWorks claimed that its use of agile makes it easier and faster for Time Out to deliver new cities in the future, adding that app quality and consistency will also be higher.

Time Out CTO Dave Cook said: “We wanted to be practical and create a new digital platform that we could rely on for decades to come. Now we have one iPhone app that allows us to bring cities to our customers much faster and lets them navigate around seamlessly. Users will be able to research any city, find restaurants, ticket bookings and special offers with ease.

"We selected ThoughtWorks as our development partner because of the company’s dedication to helping us achieve our goal. Their approach has become the de facto standard for us, enabling us to lay a project down and track our progress. Throughout the project, ThoughtWorks offered us great insight and that has been of benefit to the rest of our organisation. There has been a cultural shift in the way we work.”

David Tuck, ThoughtWorks client principle, said: “As a continuous delivery project we were able to release a new update every week. To encourage ideas the team used TestFlight, which allowed Time Out to engage hundreds of beta testers throughout development. User experiences were monitored, measured and fed back into the design and this is how some of the coolest features of the app came about.

“We have also given the Time Out team the tools to continue developing, meaning they will always be responding to user feedback and improving the app’s experience. It has been great working with Time Out, especially on an app that will be used all over the world. This was an exciting project to work on.”

Time Out released its first iPhone app in 2009. The new version of the Time Out app was launched 3 February and is available to download here