Tibco Software has released a tool for developing enterprise web mashups more easily.

The new Tibco PageBus, described as an open-source message bus, creates a "publish and subscribe" model that can help users tie together web services and Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) components to create mashup applications.

It aims to do for web pages what the enterprise service bus does for systems integration by exposing, routing and tying together messages within a service-oriented architecture, said Kevin Hakman, director of developer evangelism at Tibco.

For example, the tool could be used to request a listing of stocks based on a specific criteria - such as market capitalisation - and then to present that information in a chart or graph, Hakman said.

"For that simple list of stocks, you can pull all this different information and compose these applications much more quickly because they are made of these reusable parts that 'listen' for common kinds of data," he said. "You definitely see a shift to enabling the analysts and the end users to get to the information they want to without having to get into the IT queue."

Tibco also announced that it has donated the core of PageBus to the OpenAjax Alliance Hub Project, the first specification project of the OpenAjax Alliance. The alliance was created to foster the adoption and interoperability of open-source AJAX technology.

As part of the PageBus launch, Tibco is hosting the Ultimate Mashup Challenge, a contest aimed at using Tibco technology to build the world's largest mashup.