Users have given a thumbs-up to the Techworld report on the Windows versus Linux battle. There has been plenty of positive comment (and some criticism) although most readers have welcomed the contribution that we have made to the debate.

The report looks at how Windows and Linux shape up against each other in various parts of the modern IT infrastructure (for example, which system handles security or storage best). Unlike many similar reports, it’s not been commissioned by a party favouring one operating system over another and, as such, offers an impartial look at how the two systems stack up.

That hasn’t stopped some of our readers thinking that the survey is too kind on one party or another. One reader thinks that the only way that Windows has managed to beat Linux on Windows file-sharing has been by participating in rigged tests. Another reader thinks that we have been too easy on Windows when it comes to file-sharing, although he also thinks that we were too harsh on Microsoft when it comes to system logging. Yet another reader thinks we’re too kind to Microsoft when it comes to security, while another thinks that we’ve swallowed Redmond propaganda. Still, at least we’re being attacked by both sides.

Make up your own mind by downloading the report and adding your comments.