Wi-Fi network operator The Cloud has implemented a service whereby its users can locate the nearest Wi-Fi hotpot using their mobile phones.

It has teamed up with online mapping provider Multimap, which will use its Storefinder4Mobile service to locate hotspots belonging to The Cloud, and then dispatch the information to a mobile phone.

Users can of The Cloud's network simply text “CLOUD” to 82085 to receive a message with their nearest Cloud hotspot. If they text “CLOUD” a second time, they will receive a map of the area, as well as a list of three other nearby Cloud hotspots.

Multimap's Storefinder4Mobile service automatically finds the user's location. Alternatively, the user can append a postcode to the text message (for example, if a user were to text "cloud ec4a2dy" to 82085), it overrides the locator, or allows the user to find a hotspot in another area.

The service will cost £1 for the first text message, and subsequent message are charged at standard network rates.

The service is available on all mobile networks in the UK, although the LBS functionality (the ability for the phone to find/locate itself) cannot be used on 3's network.

The service is also available on all mobile handsets, providing the device has a browser to display the maps. Meanwhile, iPhone users have their own dedicated shortcode to find The Cloud's hotspots. By texting "IPHONE" to 82085 they'll receive a message with the nearest Cloud hotspot.

"We are thrilled that Multimap will be providing our users with a new and simple way to find our hotspots while they're out and about," said Owen Geddes, Group Director of Business Development at The Cloud. "This new service will mean it is even easier for anyone to find their local Cloud hotspot whilst on the go."