Tesco Bank has updated its app to support the Apple Watch, which started shipping last week. It joins bookmaker William Hill, which has also announced an app update for the Apple Watch, as well as other finance firms including Citi and Barclays.

The Tesco Bank update offers the latest Balance Peek feature on Apple’s first wearable device, enabling customers to quickly and easily check their balance or add one of their accounts via Apple Watch, without having to log into the firm's Mobile Banking App.


The Mobile Banking App has also been updated to allow customers with an iPhone to view their balance in the Notification Centre on their phone.

Grant Bourbousson, digital and marketing director at Tesco Bank, said: “We aim to deliver a world-class digital banking experience for customers and we are delighted to offer one of the first banking apps on Apple Watch available in the UK.”

Customers have the option of setting up the Balance Peek feature on their iPhone via the Settings menu once they log into the Mobile Banking App, where they can pick any or all of their accounts to view. They can change which accounts they see at any time, or turn off the feature completely.

Once enabled, customers will quickly be able to “peek” at their selected balances by simply dragging down the Balance Peek “drawer” on the login screen of their smartphone; by launching the Tesco Bank companion app on Apple Watch; or via the Notification Centre on their iPhone.

When opening Balance Peek, customers see only the account balances they have selected and only partial account numbers. Customers must log into the Mobile Banking App on their iPhone or iPad to carry out any transactions.