Telelogic has launched Telelogic Tau 3.0, a development tool that the company is aiming at SOA application development.

With Tau 3.0, engineers can graphically design large software architectures for applications ranging from satellite systems to online retail applications. Development infrastructure is highlighted for SOA enablement, including C#, Java service specifications, and Java Stub generation.

"We're supporting those pieces of SOA that are already starting to come into focus such as WSDL and UDDI," as well as SOA concepts, said Scott McCorkle, Telelogic director of product marketing.

Version 3.0 offers round-trip code support for Java 5, C#, and C++, including automated code generation, code-to-model import, and synchronisation between the model and the resulting software code.

Integration is enabled with Eclipse and .Net, including tighter links to Visual Studio. Tau users can use Visual Studio .Net project files, McCorkle said. Legacy application reuse is featured as well, through architectural reverse-engineering and inspection.

Original reporting by Infoworld

Also, Java Archive (JAR) files can be dragged and dropped into the Tau workspace. Automatic import of JavaServer Pages and HTML pages is featured as well. Users also can import legacy models developed in Borland Together and Rational Rose. Links to Telelogic Doors enables requirements traceability.

Other features in Version 3.0 include query-based model views and the ability to interface to user-selected external text models. Reporting is enhanced through generation of domain-specific HTML reports that allow developers to communicate concepts and designs in their own language, Telelogic said.

Telelogic believes its product eclipses competing products Borland Together and IBM Rational Systems Architecture by enabling developers to find errors very early in the development process.

Tau 3.0 supports standards such as Unified Modeling Language (UML) 2.0 and SysML (Systems Modeling Language). Prices start at US$1,495 for a single-user license.