Techworld has teamed up with content aggregator and web widgets company NetVibes to be a partner for Ginger, NetVibes’ customised desktop. Techworld’s news. along with our sister publication, Computerworld UK, will be offered to users to enable them to keep up to date with the latest happenings in IT. Netvibes is one of the leading suppliers of web widgets, the quick and easy way to receive news.

By using Netvibes, technology professionals can now create a custom Universe (public Netvibes page) to share with their colleagues and readers with daily-updated content from Techworld and Computerworld UK on topics ranging from IT security, networking, open source, storage, applications, green IT and more. Netvibes offers users more than 30 specialised content areas to choose from, so sysadmins have plenty of options as to how to keep their personalised pages updated.

“Until now, personalised homepages have been about assembling your digital life conveniently onto one private page just for your own use. Now with Netvibes Ginger, you can create a Netvibes Universe to express on a single page any of the diverse elements from your digital life that you want to share publicly. The new activity stream in a Netvibes Universe syncs your entire digital world with your friends, showing, for example, what new articles you’ve starred and widgets you’ve added,” said Tariq Krim, CEO and founder of Netvibes. “We’ve gone from the personalized private page to the personalised public Universe.”

Techworld widgets are now available here