Web usage monitoring company Tealeaf has released a new version of its eponymous software, enhancing it to take into account the perils that social networking can bring to organisations that rely on web business.

The name might sound like it should be in fraud detection but Tealeaf, an offshoot of SAP, has a ten-year pedigree in the field. It has made a name for itself by providing web businesses with detailed analysis of users' experiences as they try to navigate websites but as websites become more important to businesses and as the growing number of social networking sites such as Twitter become more widely used, there's a need to get more detailed information. As Geoff Galat, Tealeaf's vice president of worldwide marketing said, "It's not just the 'what's happened' that's important but the 'why i happened' too."

Galat said that ecommerce had become the critical challenge for organisations. "Bad customer experiences are more dangerous than ever. If someone posts something negative on Twitter about an organisation and 400 followers follow it, while re-tweeting it to their followers, that bad experience can be shared with a lot of people very quickly and, of course, people share the negative more than they share the positive."

Tealeaf has introduced several new features into the software: struggle scores allows companies to highlight particular areas where customers have failed to connect with the website and complete a transaction; an early warning system to pick up early on potential problems and a more sophisticated analysis tool for more detailed information.

The new enhancements have been designed to provide more detailed information quickly. "We're trying to get companies pro-active rather than being reactive," said Galat. "We want them to understand what's happening before difficulties blow up into real issues."