UK mobile operator T-Mobile has backed down from imposing cuts to the amount of data available to mobile customers.

The company initially announced that a new Fair Usage Policy bandwidth cap would operate once users hit 500MB in a single calendar month. Once that limit was reached, users would still be able to read emails and web pages, but more taxing applications like video and audio would be blocked.

T-Mobile justified the move by saying it would provide "a better experience for all our customers who use internet on their phone". However, some customers were less than convinced. "Given that data allowance was a driving force in choosing T-Mobile over competitors last year, this is a huge blow," disgruntled T-Mobile customer Steve Anderson told the BBC.

The change to the existing terms and conditions caused an outcry, with disgruntled customers deluging regulator Ofcom with complaints and attempting to cancel their contracts with T-Mobile.

Perhaps sensing a PR problem in the making, T-Mobile has today announced that the changes will not affect existing customers. The lower bandwidth ceiling will instead only affect new and upgrading customers.