T-Mobile has replaced some fixed lines in Prague with high-speed wireless technology it has decided to dub Internet 4G.

The service was launched yesterday and offers 1Mbit/s - fast enough to compete with a DSL connection while also offering mobility (in areas where the service is available).

The service is based on UMTS TD-CDMA, developed by IPWireless. The technology is based on the 3GPP broadband standard and uses the 1900MHZ spectrum allocated for GSM services in Europe.

Initially available in Prague for 699 koruna (£16) a month for 512Kbit/s and 999 koruna (£23) for a 1Mbit/s link - plus VAT at 19 percent - the plan is to extend the service to other parts of the country.

The service joins T-Mobile's growing arsenal of broadband wireless services. Earlier this week, it announced what it called the world's first commercial launch of another new broadband wireless technology, Flash-OFDM.

Flash-OFDM is a proprietary cellular broadband technology that network operators can deploy either for notebook computers of mobile users or serve as a fixed wireless access system, bridging the "last mile" to connect computers in homes and small offices. Key features include an all-IP architecture and fast speeds.