Sybase has boosted the encryption and manageability of its relational database management system (RDBMS). It has also found the time to partner up with DataFlux to strengthen its data integration product suite.

The database vendor announced this week a new version of its RDBMS, Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), which it claimed offered improvements to its encryption, database development, archiving options, as well as performance upgrades.

Sybase said that its ASE encryption allowed any column in the database to be encrypted with one command, so a full table or the entire database does not have to be encrypted. The database vendor believes this will allow companies to safeguard sensitive data, even from internal personnel such as database administrators.

Sybase believes that ASE encryption does not require changes to applications, as Sybase ASE’s optimiser takes into account column properties (for example whether a column is encrypted or not) when solving a query.

Version 15.0.2 of ASE also provides a number of features to improve the productivity of the application programmer. It delivers Transact-SQL user-defined SQL functions (UDFs). Since these functions are written in SQL, Sybase said they could be readily incorporated within stored procedures without requiring developers to learn an additional programming language. The application developer is also helped with updatable views using the “Instead of Trigger” feature, four new statistical functions, and XML table function for better handling of unstructured text.

The archiving ability of ASE has also been tweaked, to allow DBAs to validate or selectively recover data from database backups by presenting the backup as if it were an online database.

Sybase was also keen to point out that ASE 15.0.2 “significantly improves performance for both OLTP applications and decision support systems”. It says that new features allow for fast responses when using system-level commands, irrespective of the number of users, and faster performance for creating/loading databases even with tables having triggers and indexes.

Meanwhile in a separate announcement, Sybase said that it has partnered with DataFlux in order to strengthen the Sybase Data Integration Suite with DataFlux’s SOA-enabled data profiling and data quality tools.