Sybase has confirmed plans to offer full client support for the iPhone within its Information Anywhere Suite.

The move means larger organisations will be able to provide enterprise-class secure email communications via Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange to employees equipped with an iPhone.

Sybase iAnywhere was recently described as the number one solution in the global mobile device management enterprise software market, as it has been for six years.

“With millions of iPhones sold in recent months, IT organisations are challenged with how to manage the influx of these personal devices coming ‘in the back door’ without compromising enterprise security policies,” said Mark Willnerd, vice president, Sybase iAnywhere.

“Information Anywhere provides a way for businesses to be proactive in adding iPhone as a supported device, along with other mobile operating systems, for secure corporate email use.”

Information Anywhere’s wireless email solution gives users access to the iPhone’s rich native email client without requiring an enterprise to enable IMAP in their Lotus Domino or Microsoft Exchange set-ups. This approach reduces potential security concerns with iPhone use in the enterprise. Email is available for offline use.

The service also offers secure address books and can support mobile devices from multiple vendors, including those powered by the Palm, Symbian and Windows Mobile systems.

“Bringing secure enterprise wireless email to the Apple iPhone brings it one step closer to being able to be used as a trusted enterprise device,” said Stephen Drake, IDC programme director, Mobile Enterprise programmes.

“Although IDC sees strong desire for consumers to use the iPhone in corporate settings, it will require an innovative approach to satisfy the data protection concerns of IT while leveraging the richness of the native iPhone client.”

Information Anywhere wireless email support for Apple iPhone is expected to be available in the first half of 2008.