Sun has released its Service Registry for managing Web services.

The registry helps run and manage service oriented architecture (SOA) through central secure control of Web services. It contains a repository for metadata, and capabilities such as lifecycle management for Web services.

The registry was spawned from the open source freebXML project and supports the UDDI v3 and ebXML Registry 3.0 specs. A final version will be part of the Java Enterprise System 4 server later this year.

Future JES components will integrate with the registry, including Access Manager for user authentication, and the Application Server administrator for managing service lifecycles.

Sun's Service Registry represents the company's entry into SOA, said Dana Gardner, senior analyst at Yankee Group. "I think this sort of inaugurates Sun's move into SOA. A registry is certainly a key component of creating and managing an SOA." Sun still lacks an enterprise service bus and security and management capabilities though.