While the role of player customisation in games is always growing, two developers are hoping to present the best created content at the forefront of their games, as Square Enix has put out a search for Gun Loco's theme song while iPhone developer Big Pixel Studios will incorporate the best player-designed character in the final version of their game Meow Meow Happy Fight.

The 2011-due Xbox-exclusive Square Enix shooter Gun Loco isn't playing by the company's normal rules, so it shouldn't be too surprising to learn that the Japanese publisher will be on the lookout for the best fan rendition of the game's title song to play during the game itself. Songsmiths will have between September 9 and October 4 to upload a performance of the song to the official Gun Loco site. An MP3 background and lyric chart will be available on the site next month.

Meanwhile, Big Pixel Studios is seeking a creative character designer to help populate the world of its uniquely titled cutesy-shooter. Fans will be required to submit a sketch and back story for their original character, who will then be incorporated into MMHF's Japan-esque universe. The contest closes on September 3, which gives you time to shift your creative skills from this contest to Square Enix's.

While we've seen games incorporate player-made assets into the widely-released final versions, the worlds of Crackdown 2 and Bit.Trip Runner were both populated with player-created graffiti, these two new initiatives look to put the player's creations even closer to the forefront. Which of these contest concepts do you dig more?

SOURCE: Design a Character Contest [Big Pixel Studios]