The company behind the popular Spring Framework for Java application development, has begun offering this week an OSGi-based application server that runs enterprise Java and Spring applications.

The SpringSource dm Server provides a solution for grid and virtualised environments as well as cloud deployments of tomorrow, according to SpringSource. Seamless application and resource library upgrades are featured along with application monitoring and analysis. Developers gain a development server that resolves application dependency problems common with legacy Java EE application packaging, the company said.

SpringSource's dm Server uses SpringSource dm Kernel technology, which provides a lightweight, module-based backbone for the server. An integrated version of the Apache Tomcat servlet container is featured as well. The configuration, SpringSource said, makes dm Server a choice for virtual and cloud computing environments where dynamic provisioning and minimal footprint are critical.

The product has been has been designed to provide a lightweight and fast alternative to monolithic application servers as well as offering an OSGi-based modular solution to transform enterprise Java application development, according to SpringSource.

"Since the introduction of the dm Server, we have received widespread applause from the industry and the beta program participants, reinforcing our belief that the application server market is ready for a dramatic change and SpringSource is poised to lead that change," said Peter Cooper-Ellis, senior vice president of engineering and product management for SpringSource, in a statement released by the company.

SpringSource dm Server serves as the foundation of the SpringSource Application Platform, which is intended to provide an end-to-end solution for portability and scalability in datacentres and grid and cloud deployments.

The platform also includes SpringSource Enterprise software, services, software, and technical support.