Data management and analytics platform Splunk has announced a new platform to help mobile app developers gain insights into the apps they’re creating. 

Splunk Mint Express is a piece of cloud-bsed software that has been designed by the San Francisco-headquartered firm to help mobile developers get analytical insights into their app's quality, usage and performance. Information is displayed through a cloud-based console. 

Meanwhile, Splunk Mint Enterprise, which is still in beta, expands on what's offered through Mint Express as it integrates mobile app data with data in Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud, providing developers with end-to-end visibility and realtime omni-channel application analytics. 

Splunk claims that Mint Enterprise will help developers identify availability and performance issues across mobile apps, networks (LTE or Wi-Fi) and back-end systems, while also giving them additional insight into how, where and when mobile apps are being utilised.

“Splunk MINT Enterprise and Splunk MINT Express, the first new products from our Bugsense acquisition, not only help our customers build more reliable, better performing mobile apps but also harness mobile app data for new, strategic IT and business insights,” said Guido Schroeder, senior vice president of products, Splunk. 

“In a mobile-first world, mobile app performance and quality are mission-critical. At the same time, data from mobile apps that provides insights into user behavior and usage characteristics becomes even more valuable when combined with data from other channels, including web and laptop applications, to provide full visibility of user interactions across multiple channels. 

Al Funk, director of mobile product development at meeting management software creator, Cvent, said: “Splunk MINT Express will help us identify unusual app performance issues before they impact our mobile users and gain new insights into user engagement, so we can continuously improve the customer experience.”

Julie Craig, an analyst at Enterprise Management Associates, said: “Mobile applications have become increasingly critical to business success, but approaches to monitoring performance, usage and effectiveness tend to focus on developers or IT.

“Splunk, with its mobile intelligence offerings, offers a unique approach that can support the cross channel insights needed by developers, IT operations and the business.”