Splunk has announced the general availability of Splunk Enterprise 6, the company's core platform that aims to allow enterprises to improve their operational efficiency by analysing machine data.

Splunk Enterprise 6 claims to offer customers an improved user interface (UI) and analytic speeds that are up to 1,000 times faster than previous versions.

The product was unveiled today at the company's annual conference in Las Vegas, where chairman and CEO Godfrey Sullivan explained that Splunk is simple enough for all users across the business.

"Too many organisations are still struggling with a data divide between IT and the business," said Sullivan.

"At Splunk, we understand that the most successful organisations in the world give equal access to the data, regardless of skill level, to drive smart decisions that have true business impact. This is what inspired our product team to build Splunk Enterprise 6.

He added: "We believe that everyone in the organisation, from the system administrator to the C-level executive, should be empowered to find that 'aha' moment. Splunk Enterprise 6 bridges that data divide and unifies IT and business users around the tremendous value and ROI to be found in machine data."

Some 350 customers and partners participated in the Splunk Enterprise 6 beta programme. One of the main new features includes a patent pending 'acceleration technology' that claims to boost Splunk's High Performance Analytics store by up to 1,000 times faster than previous versions. However, Computerworld UK has been told that these are headline figures and increased speeds will vary depending on an enterprise's configuration of Splunk.

It has also introduced improved data modelling in order to help business users get a better idea of how machine data impacts efficiency, as well as a tool called Pivot, which allows users to create visualisations using fixed templates, removing the need to understand a query language.

Splunk Enterprise 6 also has a completely redesigned UI, which it claims delivers simpler, more intuitive actions. According to Splunk, the dashboards are easier to personalise and give users easy access to the data, apps and content that are important to them.

Chief analyst at 451 Research, Eric Hanselman, said that the latest release could help business users get to grips with complex machine data.

"Splunk Enterprise 6 signals a major evolution to the Splunk story, on that could introduce the platform to a new set of users," said Hanselman.

"Business users want and need to use software that makes it easier to dig deeper into analytic tasks without the help of IT or knowledge of coding and query languages. Those who have been using the Splunk product for years will benefit form usability and management enhancements that will make their Splunk lives easier and more productive."

He added: "By providing machine data analytics to a new set of users and an improved user experience, Splunk Enterprise 6 has value for both audiences."