Spiceworks, the social business platform for IT professionals, has announced a new technology integration and partnership with Dropbox to help companies simplify the use of Dropbox accounts within their organisation.

The integration is designed to help companies and their IT departments monitor Dropbox usage, and share and download Dropbox documents from within Spiceworks. In addition, IT professionals can assign help desk tickets to individual Dropbox accounts when employees need help.

The idea is to help streamline how companies discover, manage and grow their Dropbox environments.

“Dropbox is an incredible tool that helps our company collaborate on important documents and access information from anywhere, whether at work on a PC or away from the office on a mobile device,” said Luke Pettway, IT support technician at Shades of Light.

“This integration will help us more efficiently discover and manage Dropbox accounts within our company, all from the application I use each day to do my job.”

According to Spiceworks’ July 2012 Cloud Barometer report, 52 percent of IT professionals say their employees are using cloud-based file sharing, either on their own or through a company-approved vendor.

Of those who are selecting and using file-sharing services on their own, 87 percent are using Dropbox, the report found.

Many organisations are still not comfortable with workers using consumer-grade cloud services to store sensitive documents that could violate compliance laws or internal data privacy rules, but employees are increasingly using these services without the IT departments' knowledge.

As a result, many experts advise companies to abandon their command-and-control strategy and adopt a more cooperative tactic to deal with workers looking for the easiest way to get their jobs done.

By partnering with Spiceworks, Dropbox hopes to put some control back in the hands of IT administrators.

“Through this partnership, we are helping simplify how companies store their information so employees can be more productive and IT departments can manage a popular service like Dropbox directly from Spiceworks,” said Scott Abel, co-founder and CEO of Spiceworks.