Spiceworks, the social network for IT pros, has unveiled a new cloud integration service which aims to provide a single, centralised interface from which IT pros can manage and monitor the cloud applications being used within the workplace.

The Spiceworks Cloud Program allows IT pros to see the cloud services deployed on their network, monitor their usage, manage common tasks such as adding users to hosted email distribution lists or setting up backup processes, and provision cloud services directly from the Spiceworks application.

Initially, the Spiceworks Cloud Program will focus on four of the most common cloud services used within the small-to-midsize business (SMB) market – hosted email, online backup, cloud servers and file sharing.

So far only Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, and Rackspace Cloud and Email have been integrated, but the program will expand to include more cloud applications over the coming months.

The Spiceworks Cloud Program will be available to IT pros who upgrade to Spiceworks 6.2 later this year. Cloud vendors and developers can integrate through a standardised set of APIs.

“I use Spiceworks each day to do my job and would be more likely to purchase a cloud solution that’s integrated into Spiceworks than one that is not,” said Bernard Welmers, IT support specialist at Knutson Construction, in a statement.

“The program should be a no-brainer for cloud providers who are focused on expanding their user base, because it helps simplify the lives of IT pros like me.”

The Spiceworks Cloud Program represents the second stage in Spiceworks Cloud offerings, after cloud detection services were included in Spiceworks 6.0.

The detection tool allows IT pros to search for cloud applications, such as such as Amazon and Dropbox, being used within the workplace, helping them to protect sensitive resources and aggregate cloud licenses in order to acquire better volume discounts.