"Vita means life," said Kaz Hirai. "And PlayStation Vita will blur those lines between entertainment and your real life."

At Sony's press conference, the new PlayStation portable device was officially revealed to be named PlayStation Vita, that's pronounced "vee-tah", if you've been wondering.

We already knew a fair bit about the new device from Sony's reveals so far, but Hirai explained a little about some of its network features, including cross-game chat, before PS3 gets it, and integrated social networking facilities in the form of the "Near" service.

PlayStation Vita will allow access to 3G Internet and Wi-Fi hotspots.

Sony demonstrated Uncharted: Golden Abyss as part of the Vita reveal. The game features a combination of traditional button and stick-based controls along with touchscreen and accelerometer controls, and its visuals look to be on a par with the first PS3 game.