Sony Ericsson has released a new quad-band PC card compatible with both Windows and Mac-based laptops that works with Edge cellular data networks.

The new GC-89 card is still in testing and will be trialled later this year. It should be available in the new year, although prices have yet to be revealed.

The GC-89 also communicates via Wi-Fi - so users can hop from Edge networks to Wi-Fi "hotspots" when they're in range, using the same card. It is compliant with Release 4 of the Edge standard.

At the same time, Sony Ericsson released the latest iteration of its smartphone. The P910i is a higher spec version of the P900.

Boasting that it has "the widest variety of input methods including keyboard, natural handwriting and T9", it also contains triple-band GSM/GPRS.

A new thumb keyboard on the inside of the flip is particularly useful for writing longer e-mails, the company claims. And a a five-way "Jog Dial" makes navigation and Web browsing easier than previously.

Internal memory is expanded from 16MB to 64MB and it supports up to 1GB Memory Stick Duo Pro. It is based on Symbian version 7.0.

"Our smartphones combine PDA and telephony functions without compromising on quality, functionality or ease-of-use. Add to that the widest variety of available applications and input methods, and you have a tool that satisfies the most demanding mobile professional," said Jan Wäreby, marketing head of Sony Ericsson.