Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has admitted that the rate of SOA adoption is slow but said that the emergence of the technology offered an opportunity for the company.

Ellison said he had read news articles about the slowing adoption of SOA but stressed that SOA required a change in architecture, which takes time to implement.

"While I've read [these articles], people have to understand when you have a fundamentally new computer software architecture, SOA, it takes a long time for adoption," Ellison said. Moving to SOA is not as easy as flipping a switch, he said.

"It takes about 10 to 20 years before [you can] rewrite all of your applications," he said. But Oracle sees this process accelerating in its middleware business.

"We think it's a long-term growth story, it's a very rapid growth story," said Ellison. "It takes a long time for our customers to have a majority of their applications modernised and we think this is a growth story for a decade for us," he said.

Original reporting by Paul Krill, Infoworld US