users are set to be offered a way to integrate with other applications, making it easier for them to create rich Internet applications.

Open-source data integration company SnapLogic is set introduce its Solution Pack, following in the footsteps of its SugarCRM Solution Pack.

John Bennett, SnapLogic's director of marketing, said that SaaS products had been aimed to be particularly attractive for small and medium-sized businesses, but these were the sorts of companies that were least likely to have the in-house expertise to develop rich Internet applications or integrate data from other sources. "You need people with SOAP skills and they're not likely to be found in such companies and if you look to employ them, they're likely to be expensive."

He stressed, however, that the product was not aimed solely at SMBs, adding that it would equally appeal to enterprises embarking on large-scale integration projects.

He said that by using the SnapLogic tool, businesses wouldn't need the specialist skills. "A user would be able to create applications by working with a drag and drop design tool within a web browser."

The type of functions that could be created by SnapLogic include: the integration of account records with in-house accounting systems; the migration of customer records from internal CRM systems and the creation of data feeds to allow users to import Salesforce data into such applications as enterprise portals, wikis, and Excel.

Bennett said that the new software, which will be available for download by the 18 August, competes with companies such as Cast Iron Systems; "but that involves having a device sitting on the network, our solution uses software only."