UK web conferencing startup Yuuguu has launched into the business market with a version of its sharing program designed to give organisations the one convenience they crave - instant conferencing.

Yuuguu Corporate uses the same feature set of the more general-purpose program the company has been touting for the last two years, including screen sharing and remote support, audio conferencing, instant messaging across all major IM services plus Skype, but adds to this a professional layer designed to make the software more business friendly.

Available in two versions - one for general collaboration and the other for sales teams - business-specific features centre around the obvious ones of security and compliance, the ability to extend the software to partners, call and conferencing management, and more admin and deployment tools.

Sales teams can use the tool to set up branded web conferences, calendar synchronisation, and deployment to Mac and Linux desktops as well as PCs.

The eye-catching feature, however, is likely to be the instant conferencing, a way of setting up a session without the complexity the company says can be an issue with established services such as WebEx and GoToMeeting. Unlike its rivals, Yuuguu requires no plugins or downloads to work, which can become an annoying barrier for third party participants who can't locate them or get them to work correctly.

"The launch of our new online collaboration service fills a gap in the market for users who have outgrown their current web conferencing systems, but want to benefit from the online collaboration features of full blown unified communications," said Yuuguu co-founder and CEO, Anish Kapoor.

Another possible attraction is the fixed-cost nature of the program, which costs around £25 ($40) per user, per month, assuming 10-15 users within an enterprise. With Larger numbers of users, volume pricing would be applied.

Whether this is too expensive in straitened times would depend on how often such a system might be used. That cost does include an unlimited number of sessions, which would make it relatively cheap when compared with its branded rivals. Toll-free audio conferencing now available through bridging in the US, Europe, and Australasia.

Ultimately, despite being small and relatively unknown, Yuuguu's innovation is that it does almost everything and integrates with everything, while removing as much of the hassle from the end user as possible.