Sky will launch a service this week called Sky Go Extra, allowing users to download content.

Sky Go Extra will cost £5 per month allowing users to download content based on their Sky subscription, according to The Telegraph. Up to four users will be able to download movies and TV shows, such as Girls and the James Bond catalogue, and watch them offline on devices like smartphones and tablets.

In much the same way as BBC iPlayer, downloads on Sky Go Extra will last for a month to be watched as and when the users chooses. The only limitation is the amount of storage on the device itself.

Sky said that 11 million of its customers use Sky Go and that Sky Go Extra is the first UK service to offer Hollywood movies for download and offline watching. Sky also has a non-subscription streaming service called Sky Now TV which rivals Netflix and LoveFilm.

According to The Telegraph the move is Sky's way of capitalising on its on-demand offering after recently adding iPlayer and ITV Player to the Sky+ Box.

Sky Go Extra will step up the competition with rival services thanks to its exclusive content. The firm said it offers around 70 of the top 100 films, about six months after they launch in the cinema, totalling more than its rivals combined.