Sidekick, the handheld made famous when Paris Hilton's got hacked, has been brought to the UK by T-Mobile, on its newly-launched Web'n'Walk scheme.

A year into its life-span, the phone may be a bit lacklustre now, for the consumers and celebrities it was designed for, but might find a new lease of life as a business device. It does e-mail as well as a Blackberry and has a browser that works really well on the move. It also has instant messaging and a good in-built keyboard, exposed when the screen is flipped to one side.

Consumers might reject it because it is more than a year old and no longer cool. It also doesn't have an MP3 player or removable storage, but these need not be a problem for business users, where the phone's strength - like the ability to dial someone by clicking a phone number inside an e-mail will make it easier to get work done.

The lack of Bluetooth could be a problem for both groups however, especially as the unit is best used when held in the hand, and not to the head. And you can forget about Wi-Fi in it for the moment.