Seven is to make push email available on all mobile phones powered by the Symbian OS v9. Handsets are said to include the latest Nokia Eseries such as the Nokia E61, down to Nokia E50, the smallest in the range.

With this move, Seven has joined the growing list of push email providers like Visto, Blackberry Connect, Good, BT, Microsoft, Consilient and many others. The technology is also said to be compatible across a range of advanced 2G, 2.5G and 3G phones, smartphones and PDAs. The Seven announcement follows the news that BT is to introduce Blackberry services to the small-business market.

“The main difference between us and the other operators is that we are a ‘white label product’,” said Paul Hedman, chief operating officer, Seven. "This means that operators can own their own brand name while using our software. Orange Freedom, Telefonica MovieStar, and even the Ericsson Mobile Organiser or EMO are examples of operators using the Seven product."

"Our focus is to ensure that Symbian OS is ideally suited for smaller, less expensive and more powerful smartphones, which provide business and consumer users with applications to improve productivity. We believe that Seven’s solution on Symbian OS v9 smartphones provides just that," said Simon Garth, vice president, marketing, Symbian.

The company does not feel threatened by the growing emergence of WiFi services. It will take a long time for WiFi to become a threat, Hedman said. Email can be instantly accessed on mobiles, along with their attachments, be it in a taxi or elsewhere on the move. It would be much more cumbersome to open a laptop, set up the connections and then access email. "Besides, unlike mobile email that was difficult in the past, these days the new phones make it so easy to use."

"Most people want to use just one device for both voice and data, and this next generation of Symbian devices offers a number of exciting options by integrating an applications environment with advanced voice services. The result is a range of new devices which, combined with our software, make it easier than ever to access corporate email and information while out of the office," said Paul Hedman, chief operating officer, Seven.

Seven’s network currently covers 98 mobile operators that include big players like IBM and Ericsson, and numerous resellers worldwide. “What makes us better than our competitors is that our push email software is quick to install and simple to use…. we are deploying our software faster than our operators,” said Hedman.