The IT industry has always been incestuous but following the irony last week that several of Microsoft's essential servers were actually running on Linux, now we find that SCO is hosting its investor site with IBM. That little gem was unearthed by Internet monitoring company, Netcraft, who has revealed the whole sorry saga.

SCO, if you recall, is attempting to ruin Linux by claiming IBM illegally added some of its code into the open source OS. IBM is not so sure this is true. The legal battle continues and is currently falling Linux and IBM's way.

However, pragmatic as IT companies are prone to be, SCO sees the benefit of using IBM's expertise and it hosts its investor relations site with IBM-owned subsidiary Sequent. It does however stick with old pal Microsoft in its choice of OS and server: Windows 2000 and Microsoft-IIS/5.0.

But the big question is: will we see this small offering of love lost in the overall melee of trademark misery? Just possibly because the site in question is currently offline. Something no doubt to do with the denial of service attack that open source advocates fired at the company over the weekend and from which it has yet to fully recover.