SAP is to extend the adaptive computing capabilities of its NetWeaver integration platform to Microsoft products.

The adaptive computing enhancements from SAP allow companies using both SAP's NetWeaver and Microsoft's operating systems to run multiple instances of enterprise software or databases on the same server through a "virtualisation" of applications from hardware resources, the Walldorf, Germany, business application company said.

By making its adaptive computing capabilities available on Microsoft operating systems, SAP enables companies to virtualise not only current applications and databases, such as mySAP Business Suite and Microsoft SQL Server, but also new products from SAP and its partner independent software vendors (ISVs), in a move to lower costs and increase scalability.

With more than 50 percent of SAP applications running on the Microsoft platform, the extension doubles the reach of application virtualisation to thousands of mutual SAP and Microsoft customers, according to SAP.

Last year, SAP agreed to team up to develop Mendocino, a product that links SAP's ERP software and Microsoft's Office products.

In addition to the extended virtualisation support, SAP has announced a new version of its SCM application, mySAP SCM, and a new version of its application management tool, mySAP Solution Manager.

The new release of mySAP SCM has several new features, the company said. It offers new industry-specific functionality, including forecasting and replenishment for retail operations, and new capabilities for companies to synchronise their service supply chain operations with their product supply chain.

The latest version of SAP Solution Manager, offers users a set of tools to monitor the performance of their applications. The application is available to customers at no additional cost.

New features include a central and up-to-date overview of current issues, an end-to-end diagnostic capability to centrally analyse and monitor an entire NetWeaver-based system landscape including Java components and third-party applications, and a bidirectional interface for the exchange of messages between the Solution Manager and third-party help-desk applications.