Samsung will demonstrate its first HSDPA-compatible mobile phone at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) later this week.

The phone is still a prototype and is being developed for Vodafone. It will work with the new HSDPA standard that can be applied to third-generation WCDMA networks to offer significantly faster data downloads.

Vodafone will begin trials of HSDPA technology soon. Its service will initially deliver a peak download speed of 1.6Mbit/scompared to the 384Kbit/s currently offered. In time the speed will be increased to 7Mbit/s.

Samsung will demonstrate a working prototype of the phone at CES. Few details are available although Samsung has already completed hardware development and is currently working on the phone's software. The phone will be available to Vodafone sometime during the first half of 2006 although its availability to users will depend on Vodafone's plans for HSDPA.

Already one carrier has launched an HSDPA service. Cingular's Broadband Connect service went into service in 52 markets across the US in December.It provides 400 to 700Kbit/s for a flat-rate of $60 per month.