Business software company, Sage, has launched a hosted version of its CRM software, CRM Mid-Market Edition 5. The company hopes to compete with the likes of Microsoft and the ERP companies in the mid-market business space.

The product, which was previously available in the UK as the tongue-twisting ACCPAC CRM, will be offered in two versions, boxed and hosted, with customers being given the opportunity to switch between versions according to their requirements. “We expect a large number of customers will try out the hosted version and switch to the deployed version,” said Gerry Carr, Sage’s product marketing manager. “Although it’s possible that some will choose to stay with the hosted version,” he added.

He added that one of the key enhancements to this version of the product is that offers users the chance to integrate with Outlook. “That was something that was a real demand for, as lots of customers prefer using Outlook as their front end.”

Carr said that the key improvement was an enhanced mobile offering, the Laptop Client. He said that this made it easier for mobile users to handle CRM downloads while on the road. Other enhancements offered by the new version include a global document library and a new, standalone order entry module.