Users of the Ruby on Rails web development framework are still waiting for a release candidate of the next major upgrade to the technology, but they may not have to wait much longer. Rails 3.0 had been due in a release candidate stage during the RailsConf technical conference early last month.

Developers of the framework instead decided to put out a fourth beta release rather than  the release candidate, which is considered the last stage before a finished product is then offered. Still, the release candidate had been anticipated for release by the end of RailsConf. But that did not happen.

"We're getting close to the release candidate," said Rails inventor David Heinemeier Hansson, in an email response to questions on Thursday. "Good things take time," he said.

Hansson said the release candidate is due "any day now," but he added this is a phrase often used in jest pertaining to late software projects. The subsequent final version of Rails 3.0 will ship "when it's ready," Hansson said.

Rails 3.0 features a merger with the Merb framework, which would improive performance. RESTful declaration capabilities and JavaScript helpers have been slotted for Rails 3.0 as well.