Ruby on Rails 3.0, a major upgrade to the popular open source web development framework, is due in a final release this week, the founder of the framework, David Heinemeier Hansson, said on Tuesday.

Rails 3.0 is influenced by the Merb framework,  which enables performance improvements. Other capabilities due in 3.0 include cross-site scripting protection, JavaScript helpers, a router based on REStful declarations, and an Active Record chainable query language based on relational algebra.

Hansson in a blog entry Tuesday touted a second release candidate for Rails 3.0.

"This second candidate has very few changes over the first, which means that unless any blockers are discovered with this release, we're targeting the final release of Rails 3.0 for this week," Hansson said in the blog entry.

A first release candidate, initially set for early June, did not arrive until last month.

Reader comments about Rails 3.0 attached to Tuesday's Rails blog entry were mostly positive, although one person said Hansson needed the Merb team "to fix his code."