Research in Motion has revealed it will stop users of its BlackBerry devices in Indonesia from accessing websites containing pornographic material.

"RIM has been engaged with its carrier partners and the government on this matter and continues to make it a top priority to implement satisfactory technical solutions with its partners as soon as possible," the company said in a statement.

The moves comes after the Indonesian government threatened to block RIM's web browsing services in the country unless they agreed to block access to pornographic sites by mid-January.

"If RIM still doesn't block porn sites by then, users won't be able to use the RIM service to browse the internet. But they can use the company's other services," said Gatot Dewabrata from the Indonesian government, speaking to AFP.

The government has also asked for a server to be installed in the country to ensure the government can access data sent via BlackBerrys if required in legal cases.

Last the year the Indonesian government ordered all of the country's ISPs to block access to websites containing pornographic content.

There are thought to be more than two million BlackBerry users in the country.

RIM is also under pressure to provide the India government with access to emails and data sent via BlackBerry Messenger in the country. The company has already given the Indian government access to internet, voice call and SMS data.