Research In Motion (RIM) made its new BlackBerry wireless e-mail device available in the UK through mmO2, hoping to tempt the European corporate market with the device's larger screen size.

The mobile phone network operator will offer the triband BlackBerry 7730 Wireless Handheld first in the UK before deciding if it will make the device available in other European countries, according to mmO2 spokeswoman Amanda Richardson.

Similar to the BlackBerry 7230 Wireless Handheld, which is currently being rolled out in Europe by such operators as O2 (the brand name of mmO2) and Vodafone Group PLC, the 7730 offers phone, e-mail, SMS (Short Message Service), browser and organiser features and has a colour screen.

"The difference with the 7730 is really in the size of the display at 2.9 inches (73.7 millimetres), as compared to 2.5 inches, which makes the device even better for people who want to look at the Internet wirelessly," Richardson said.

Pricing for the 7730 is subject to negotiation between O2 and its customers, but in general terms, the company is offering the device for £289 (US$491) for bulk orders of over 500 devices, Richardson said. For orders between one and 19 units, the price is £329. Monthly subscription rates will depend on the type of subscription but at most will cost £56 per month, Richardson said.

RIM is currently negotiating with other carriers to provide services over the BlackBerry 7730, according to the company.