RightNow Technologies has showed off a “knowledge syndication" widget as the highlight of its new RightNow November 07 enterprise CRM service.

The widget will allow online retailers to offer their customers access to product catalogues and product details with a single click.

The widget will, in essence, use RSS to feed answers from the manufacturer's knowledge base about a product, according to Sandy Erickson, director of the RightNow Service product line.

The RightNow CRM service allows companies to create a repository for all corporate information about products and services. The technology also monitors the most frequently asked questions and displays topics as links on the widget to the repository.

It can also index content not found in the repository and bring it forward to the customer if appropriate.

The latest release also features an updated look and feel that includes a redesign of the UI for search results, making it look more like a standard search results page.

Twelve additional languages have also been added for a total of 33 native languages supported.

"This is more than any other on demand CRM vendor," said Erickson.