Digital media company Reply has launched a proximity marketing application based on the group's proprietary Internet of Things platform, HI REPLY.

Known as HI SHOP, the app allows consumers to sign up to receive mobile marketing alerts relevant to their location. For example, they may receive an coupon for a free chocolate bar when entering a supermarket, a meal voucher when passing a restaurant, or a special offer when watching TV.

The app enables companies to deliver tailored messages to their customers that not only attract their attention at the opportune moment but also build on preferences and customers' previous purchases for a highly personalised service.

HI SHOP is integrated with HI CREDITS, Reply's solution for remote mobile payments. This allows users to make purchases immediately online, redeem vouchers using QR codes or pay for good in shops and restaurants via Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

“HI SHOP opens up many different application scenarios. These include sales point, large-scale retailers, tourist and cultural heritage info-marketing, plus a wealth of Business-to-Consumer (B2C) communication applications,” said Reply's executive partner Marco Cusinato.

“The key thing is that HI SHOP directs communication only to those in a specific area, sending personalised messages in different languages, discount coupons and loyalty points.”

HI SHOP is based on the technologies and components made available by the HI REPLY platform, which enables communication between connected objects by bringing together hardware, firmware and software components on the ‘things’ themselves.

These vary from simple sensors and actuators to more sophisticated systems such as smartphones and minicomputers.

HI SHOP has been developed by Concept Reply, Reply's research and development centre for the Internet of Things, and will be presented at XCHANGE 2012 in Milan on 10 July.