Over 100 retailers on London's Regent Street are set to deploy location aware 'beacon' technology that will offer shoppers personalised services through their mobile devices.

The initiative, being run by the Crown Estate, will allow shoppers to download an app which delivers personalised marketing content to their mobiles as they walk by stores, as well as allowing businesses to build a profile of shoppers.

The service will rely on Bluetooth technology deployed at participating retailers, including Hamleys, Hackett, Karl Lagerfeld and Anthologies. More retailers are expected to join up in the near future.

The platform will be iOS only at first, with other operating systems being considered at a later date.

A number of UK retailers have begun to trial location aware services. For example, supermarket chains Tesco and Waitrose are currently looking at the use of Apple's iBeacon technology, after introducing the technology to a small number of stores.

According to the Crown Estate, the launch of its app later this month will be one of the largest deployments of the technology in Europe.

"This is a fantastic example of how Regent Street is continuing to evolve as the world's most successful shopping destination, bringing together online, physical and now mobile retailing to provide an experience which delivers across all of the platforms that appeal to 21st century shoppers," said David Shaw, head of the Crown Estate's Regent Street portfolio.

The beacon technology is part of a wider £1 billion regeneration project in Regent Street.

Last year, the Crown Estate announced a social media 'hub' for Regent Street retailers named 24/7, bringing together online conversations from multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.