UK jobs site has implemented a new cloud-based identity management platform from OneLogin, enabling its 250 employees across sales, operations and development to get simple and secure access to their applications. has developed a “browser first” approach to providing services to its internal staff. This includes deploying applications that are available as cloud-based or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) options, rather than traditional installed software that would require on-site servers and hardware.

The technology team at selected OneLogin to manage user identities and access to its portfolio of cloud-based apps including SAP BusinessByDesign, Google Apps, and Jive Software.

“Our approach has always been based on providing business users with the tools that they require to do their jobs more effectively,” said Mark Ridley, Director of Technology at

“As part of this, we decided to go down the cloud computing route as it offered us a way to implement best-of-breed technologies without having to increase our installed IT assets or expand our engineering team.

“Getting the identity management side of this in place was a necessary first step as it allowed us to secure and manage access, and improve the user experience.”

OneLogin works by tapping into the company's Active Directory or LDAP server. This means that users only have to sign in once and they can access any of their web applications by clicking an icon from within the OneLogin portal – removing the need to remember multiple passwords.

Enterprise applications can be assigned to employees' OneLogin accounts using the 'roles' tool, so people working in sales might get Salesforce and WebEx for example, whereas those in customer service might get Zendesk and GoToAssist.

Employees can be assigned multiple roles, and apps can also be assigned on a per-user basis. This allows the IT team to streamline the management of user identities and access requests, according to OneLogin.

Users can also add their personal sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn to their OneLogin account. Activity on these apps is completely private to the end-user and not visible to IT. Credentials for applications with multiple users can also be shared without having to disclose the password.

Importantly, when an employee leaves the company, OneLogin provides an effective kill switch for deprovisioning users, preventing unauthorised access to enterprise data. The real-time synchronisation with Active Directory means that disabling a user will take effect within seconds.

“We have already seen a big positive impact from this transformation process,” said Ridley.

“During the previous year, flexible access to IT systems was the primary issue raised by users in our internal surveys when it came to asking them about what we could improve. Following on from this implementation, the issue of access has fallen out of the top ten suggestions for improvement.”