RedHat has just announced the first tangible fruits of its acquisition of middleware vendor JBoss, which itbought in April this year, in the form of the Red Hat Application Stack.

Pitched as an open source alternative to integrated proprietary application platforms, RedHat said the stack is designed to run standards-based LAMP or Java-based applications.

The open source bundle is aimed at helping developers cut the cost of developing Web Service-Oriented Architecture-based applications. Benefits are said to include the simplification of open source code through an integrated application platform and increased developer efficiency because the technologies are designed to work together. Software vendors benefit as a result of faster time to market, according to RedHat.

It "includes everything you need to run standards-based Web and enterprise applications", according to RedHat. Specifically, it includes support for RedHat Enterprise Linux, JBoss Application Server and Hibernate - an object-oriented programming tool - and open source databases, including MySQL and PostgreSQL.

It'll be made available via RedHat's network of global resellers, and via the RedHat Network on a per-server subscription basis.