A UK recruitment company is looking to attract IT staff to join its new executive recruitment franchise – or at least those willing to stump up an eye-watering £22,000 to join the scheme.

Omni Resource Management Solutions said that it hoped to attract senior IT staff to its new venture, especially those over the age of 50. The lure is the potential of high earnings, up to £250,000 a year, the company has claimed.

Omni has set up a new franchise investment division – Omni Executive Search and Interim, from where it will choose IT head-hunters from business sectors such as e-commerce, hardware, electronics, Internet, infrastructure, software, services, and telecommunications.

Successful candidates will have to cough up £22,000 for training and training manuals before they're accepted as part of the Omni team.

Robert Leggett, managing director, Omni RMS, said that successful executives could earn high financial rewards but anyone having second thoughts would get their money returned less £4,000 for the training course.

"A candidate will be allowed to pull out if he or she is unable to win a client within the first 20 or 22 working weeks”, he said.

Leggett believes that the contacts that senior IT people have made will mean they're ideal for a particularly difficult area of recruitment.

"Companies have most difficulty in recruiting at a senior level. For this reason, we're looking for mature industry experts who we can train in innovative best recruitment practice - not recruitment specialists. This means we have people on board with in-depth market knowledge," he said.

Despite the steep entry fee, the company claimed that it has already had over 350 applicants, five of whom had completed a training week, with another scheduled for July.