Data-leak prevention software maker Reconnex has partnered with BigFix to tie together their products and help enforce regulatory compliance on customers' networks.

With the deal, Reconnex will use BigFix's delivery platform to distribute its endpoint agent software for large-scale, distributed deployments, according to company officials. Reconnex's network appliance and end-point agents work together to prevent sensitive data from leaving an organisation without authorisation.

Reconnex's endpoint agent applies the company's data-leak prevention analysis technology to all endpoints, preventing sensitive information from leaving the organisation via any I/O activity, including copying to USB drives, sending out over Wi-Fi or printing, officials said.

The agent uses the same content-aware IP-monitoring technology included in Reconnex's existing data-leak protection components to implement compliance policies, document fingerprinting and keyword flagging. The agent can be configured to block, alert or monitor unauthorised transfer of data, officials said.

The agent complements Reconnex's network technology that protects sensitive data at rest, meaning stored anywhere in an organisation, as well as data in motion, or information being sent across the corporate network.

Pricing for Reconnex 6.0, which depends on the number of users and which modules are chosen, starts at $25,000. Agent distribution over the BigFix platform is included.