Raritan has tapped into the growing trend for combining IT and facilities management and has launched DC Track, a way for administrators to keep tabs on their data centres.

It is the second such product to be launched in a week, following hot on the heels of Avocent's AMIE tool.

"IT managers and facilities managers need to talk together," said Andrew Gibson, Raritan's director of power products for northern Europe. "The trouble is, when IT managers look at the facilities' tool - or vice versa - they find them hard to understand." He said that in response to this need, Raritan had developed DC Track as a means for accessing physical features such as UPSes, cooling units and cabling trays, combined with IT assets such as racks.

He said that while DC Track did offer a product library of "several thousand" products, a key feature was the ability provided for enterprises to add their own products. "We're not limiting users to our own library, users can add the products that they wish to," he said.

"The DC Track has dual functions," said Gibson. "It can be used for asset management and for capacity planning.

Raritan offers a different pricing structure to that of Avocent "Ours is a single payment of £9,000 ($14,144) plus an additional fee for software updates."

Gibson said that Raritan was also much more channel-focused and was keen to work with the company's partners in tailoring services for its customers.