SQL users are being offered a way to analyse database performance. Quest Software has put out a free tool that will allow users of the database a way to assess how their installation is performing. In a separate move, Quest has also bought data protection company, BakBone Software

Project Lucy, part of the SQLServerpedia community initiative, analyses SQL Server trace files securely uploaded by community members and in return, it provides them with a valuable understanding of their instance performance, and how it stacks up against their peers' environments

Project Lucy allows SQL users to obtain automated analysis for free said Quest's Ian Kick. "It emerged from the SQLpedia community," he said, "although users don't have to belong to the community themselves."

Dink said that the tool was in its early stages but there were already plans to add to it. "We're looking to roll out other features such as count queries, performance monitor and DMVs." He added that future direction for the product would depend on user feedback. "It's only just been announced," he said,"and we've already had a lot of interest>"

The BakBone acquisition, which was for $55 million, will mean that the company's NetVault products will become part of Quest's portfolio of data protection products. These including vRanger® Pro, LiteSpeed and Recovery Manager.