Qualcomm has filed a second lawsuit against fellow chipmaker Broadcom.

The new suit charges Broadcom with infringing two of Qualcomm's patents. One describes an image-compression technology, the other video encoding and decoding.

The battle between the chipmakers began in May, when Broadcom filed a suit charging Qualcomm with infringing 10 of Broadcom's patents related to wired and wireless communications.

Broadcom then filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission (ITC) suggesting that Qualcomm unfairly imports products that infringe Broadcom patents and requesting that the ITC investigate Qualcomm imports.

In July, Broadcom filed a separate anti-trust suit against Qualcomm. Shortly after, Qualcomm responded with its own suit against Broadcom charging infringement of seven Qualcomm patents.

Both companies make chips that power mobile devices. Qualcomm is best known for its mobile-phone technology and chips while Broadcom supplies chips for a wide variety of consumer electronics including networking equipment and digital entertainment devices as well as cell phones.