Qualcomm is buying wireless broadband company Flarion Technologies for $600 million.

Flarion, a spinoff of Lucent, has been testing the next-generation Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex Access (OFDMA) wireless IP technology since 2003. In addition to OFDMA, Flarion also pioneered Flash-OFDMA for mobile IP-based broadband services.

Flash-OFDM is a proprietary cellular broadband technology that network operators can use to link laptops of act as a fixed wireless access system, bridging the "last mile" to connect computers in homes and small offices. It means an all-IP architecture and high speeds.

The technology, the company has claimed, means users traveling at 250 kilometers per hour can download data at up to 1.5Mbit/s and upload at 500Kbit/s.

Last year, Siemens struck a deal with Flarion to integrate Flash OFDM into its new broadband wireless access systems, while T-Mobile has begun Europe's first trial of Flash OFDMA technology in the Netherlands.

Qualcomm is a key supplier of CDMA (Code Division Multiplex Access) mobile communications technology, widely used in the US and parts of Asia.

Qualcomm aims to support operators that prefer an OFDMA or hybrid OFDM/CDMA offering to differentiate their services, the company said.