A British company has launched a product that it claims solves many of the email management problems that face users. JPY said that MRX enables office workers to access their colleague’s emails, manage a multiplicity of email addresses and provide a simple way to archive mail.

JPY said that too much valuable information is contained within individual email boxes, when it should be shared between colleagues. According to a survey carried out by the company, 60 percent of workers had required access to a co-worker’s mailbox at some point. In most cases, this has required the intervention of the IT department or the disclosure of a password. According to JPY, installation of MRX would allow all employees within an organisation to see anyone else’s email.

JPY’s technical director David Fox conceded that the implementation of MRX would mean a change of email culture within organisations. "There needs to be a closer separation of business and personal emails: employees would have to learn not to use business email accounts for personal mails. Or they could put ‘Confidential’ in the subject line, which would mean that the mail is not shared."

Fox said that MRX would go even further: it would enable an organisation’s employees to read the mail from other organisations too, provided that they also had MRX. And it can consolidate different email addresses for the same person, ensuring that marketing information could be kept up-to-date.

The product works by copying all emails into a giant database – after stripping out all attachments. Fox said that this would solve the difficulty involved in keeping emails. "In some industries, there’s a legal requirement to keep all emails, but this can mean inboxes becoming cumbersome , MRX ensures that copies of all emails can be kept."

It’s not a cheap option though: prices start at £4,950 for 10 users, rising to £20,000 for more than a 100 users.