Anti-spam specialist PineApp has introduced a system specifically aimed at helping ISPs battle botnet traffic emerging from their own networks, traffic that the company said accounts for 95 percent of all spam.

The product, called ZombiCop, is designed to help deal with the botnet problem at the ISP level by filtering zombie traffic at the perimeter, according to PineApp.

It incorporates several different filtering mechanisms, including a blacklist of more than 50 million IP addresses, which PineApp said covers the majority of botnet traffic.

Other tools are intended to detect zombie traffic through behaviour patterns, including an IP reputation profile engine, which assesses risk and identifies likely sources of zombie emails.

ZombiCop can be used either passively, alerting administrators when a zombie IP address is detected, or actively, automatically blocking or throttling traffic from a zombie address.

The product also includes traffic analysis tools for detecting and analysing specific types of traffic, such as P2P and VoIP.

ZombiCop is an addition to PineApp's existing filtering-oriented appliances, such as Mail-SeCure and Surf-SeCure, which have focused on email and web management.

The company set up a UK office in February, where it is setting its sights on British small and medium-sized businesses.