Just two weeks after PeopleSoft CEO Craig Conway was fired by the board, its VP of products and technology, Ram Gupta, has also left.

The company confirmed his exit but has refused to give any details, leaving it unclear whether Gupta was fired, as Conway was, or left voluntarily. "We don't discuss the departure of employees and personal employee business," a spokesman said, which is not at all true but we won't get into that.

Gupta was the executive in charge consolidating PeopleSoft's apps with those of JD Edwards, which the company acquired last year. In an interview this summer, he said that among PeopleSoft's post-merger achievements was the ability to provide customers with "more choice" in products.

In addition to reviving development of the World product line, Gupta claimed that in one year, PeopleSoft rolled out more enhancements to the EnterpriseOne suite (the former JD Edwards flagship application), than had been added in the two years before the merger.

Replacing Gupta is longtime PeopleSoft veteran Stan Swete, who worked for PeopleSoft between 1992 and 2002 and was one of "the principal architects of PeopleSoft 8," according to a PeopleSoft spokesman. Swete's return to the company demonstrates CEO Dave Duffield's commitment "to re-energize PeopleSoft's innovation and technology development."