Open source business intelligence specialist Pentaho has claimed that the new release of its software will make life easier for organisations looking to deploy BI.

The company said that Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) 4.0 would radically change the way that BI applications were built. The philosophy behind the product is that all the steps in the BI implementation are collapsed together so the development and implementation of BI products are can be speeded up.

The company was hoping to bring BI to a wider audience by making it easier for end users to participate in product development. PDI 4.0 reduces the number of development steps before results can be visualised which helps BI projects to be completed much faster claimed the company.

Because the product is open source, Pentaho said that organisations would be able to be more flexible about its deployment. Pentaho's CEO Richard Daley said that the new version of the software would help counteract the knowledge gaps within organisations as developers wouldn't have to understand every last detail about the product. "Thee are not lots of people in organisations with all the technical knowledge. With PDI 4.0 developers don't have to understand everything to create the schema so they can get a first cut under way," he said. "We're making the iterations faster and easier - the only corners we're cutting aer for the novice who wants to get up and running quickly."

Daley said this was the biggest upgrade Pentaho had done since version 1.0 of the product and would enable Pentaho software to be used by smaller businesses."This will be a lot easier for SMB folks who don't have the skills," he said.

The company claimed that the software would offer tremendous cost savings when stacked up against traditional proprietary BI players. "It's a saving of 30 to 40 percent against the competition," said Daley.

The product has been enthusiastically endorsed by one analyst. "The data integration and business intelligence market has looked for a core advance in how projects get done for many years. The unification of the key distinct development environments into a unified development environment for BI that Pentaho provides with its Agile BI initiative is a leap forward and I expect businesses will be able to dramatically reduce the time it takes for them to create and update BI applications,"  said Mark Smith, president of Ventana Research.

Pentaho is already claiming one major user of the new product. "Mozilla is a big customer of ours," said Daley. "They've been working on the software to handle the tremendous amount of data they deal with on a daily basis."